Dutch band Habitants, founded by The Gathering guitarist René Rutten, show a mix of alternative rock and trip rock, characterized by a dark, atmospheric and dreamy 80’s sound. With grand, melancholic and  immersive melodies, the beautiful ethereal voice of singer Anne van den Hoogen (Rosemary & Garlic) and mesmerizing reverb guitars, Habitants allows you to venture into vulnerable and powerful worlds.

With their debut album One Self (2018), Habitants have established themselves as an emerging force in the alternative music scene. The record received worldwide praise*. The band played several club tours and festivals through the Netherlands in 2018 and 2019.

With the follow-up album Alma (produced by Attie Bauw, set for release on March 22nd), the band explores a more experimental sound, reminiscent of the 90s trip rock Portishead or Massive Attack. The band dares to go off the beaten track and to look for new ways to deepen their sound.

Habitants also consists of guitarist Gema Pérez, bassist Mirte Heutmekers and drummer Jerôme Miedendorp de Bie.

*album quotes: 

“Habitants managed to deliver a very powerful and emotional debut.” – Ultimate Guitar (USA)

“Van een ongekende, pakkende en diepgravende schoonheid. Een droomdebuut!” – Subjectivisten (NL)

One Self is an honest, heartbreaking beautiful work in both letters and composition” – Rockaxis (Chile)

“Magnifique!” – L’Indépendant (F)

Heartbreaking and beautiful album.” – Caperuzo (México)

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