The same faces
the strangest animals
the light has bend it strength
to white and silver now

and you do hurt
they say
a blue breath
over the hills

I don’t know if there’s anyone near
to break the fence
I burned all the letters to my love
to warm my hands

and you do hurt
they say
a blue breath
over the hills
and you do
you stood up to say










It starts with one step
one breathe
one shoulder of an angel
we lean on
we march on
we soldier on
until it’s over

if we find peace,
it’s a poor crime,
we take over
all that we came for

Stay in the game
be the one, to aim
fight against
an other self
for all
for all

have our eyes met
in the trenches?
one dead ringer,
a fallen one
we walk on
we soldier on

I step back in time
for all

Stay in the game
Be the one to aim
fight against you other self
for all, for all


Holding me
I’m not asleep
Burdening dreams
I understand them

Circling thoughts,
like the vultures above
re- enacting the cruelty
I try to understand them well

I’ve learned to swear
for all I’ve done,
it was useless,
I guess understand them well

I guess I understand them
well, I keep on holding my breath


if it’s not enough
to keep away the dust
to learn from a mistake
one of us is lost

a lover in the shade
a delicate smile
why would you confess
a small denial

and you think
you’re doing all right
you’re doing fine

It’s all you are
a strange dance
soul traveller
define yourself
are you running away
are you running behind?

you think
you’re doing all right
you’re doing fine
are you running again?


God knows how the world ends
Clouds will burst once again
then we fall behind
And storms breathing over
the blackening sea,
waves rise to the sky
they will bury me, blue bird

As I stare over the ocean
by the roar of spate
the aria’s in the distance
they’ve come too late
blue bird

How every night was wonderful
unfolding stars,
from pieces

I’ve spread my believe
to hold on to a certainty
if it means nothing,
We all aim for nothing
We’re all left to be

How every night was wonderful
unfolding stars from pieces

I named them for you


High above the water
let it burn
a static symbol,
the centre of a new day
a scenic scenery
I wait

As the seeds are burning
in their winter coats
I consider them
I consider them
Like a song from a mother,
a soothing reverie
I wait

It’s not them,
against the others overseas,
They ‘ll find a harmony
They’ll find a symbol there
They’ll learn to quest the winter
And I resemble them
I wait


from the valley
I hear them, voices
from the south

It’s cold
it’s disturbing
as if they are
falling down

From the dust
comes a soldier
from the shadows
of the sand

It’s a boy
scattered to pieces,
no reason to resign

Some of them hold on
to them saying
there’s a place of gold
all of them know
it’s time to sail
from the valley
when you don’t believe in echo’s.
from the centre of all,
from the sand


I’m waiting
for as long,
as the universe
praised me
with lies they stick
to my lips
like bees to honey
safe me

I’ll try to justify it
so I can taste it again,
believe me,
It’s better to erase
my memory
then to live with
my crime

you were not mine

I’m forever lost
a servants child
and I’ll take it again.
break me

And Julia
I was just dreaming
I was just sailing
I was just dreaming
I was just sailing
with you


Grow my love,
my light, my wonder
I want to get to know you
my child

As the winter passes,
I’ll make a home for you.
To love you,
to grow you a garden.
and break the calm.

Then when spring came,
you ‘d gone back to sleep
so tender,
so beautiful,
so deep

Rest in my arms,
I will always keep you warm.

It goes back to winter
it goes back to sleep
as it all goes back to winter
it all goes back

to sleep.

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